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Throughout an eighteen-year career as an Architectural Illustrator,
Bill was often called on to crate the landscape surrounding an architect's project.

Design proposal for a University Hospital.

The medium for this and the High-Rise above would have been
gouache on illustration board. Most architectural illustrations seldom
exceed 22 inches on the longer dimension.

A pencil and felt tip life drawing is from the 1980s.

The Internal Combustion Engine &
Roger Penske's Zerex Special.

The engine, a spoof, was a collage of colored paper and ink on board.
The Zerex Special an acrylic painting on illustration board. Both illustrations
were created and published in the early 1960s.

With the advent of computers artist's lives changed considerably!
And the substitution of a stylus for the mouse and graphic pad for
sketch book opened many new doors.

A digital sketch of George Eyston aboard the "Magic Midget".
It was, in 1932, the first car of less than 750 cc to exceed 120 MPH.

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