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Left: "Paris / Window" 55" x 43" - Oil on Canvas - Private Collection
Right: "Manna House Bakery" 36" x 40" - Oil on Canvas - Private Collection

Realism was always an influence on his work whether in illustration or painting. In 1986, following almost two decades as an Architectural Illustrator he began work as a serious painter. Equally impressed with old masters, impressionists, and 'modern' photo realists his work combines elements of all three.

Canal At Courtlandt

"Canal at Courtlandt" 54" x 62" - Oil on Canvas
Private Collection - c. 1995

"Paris / Rain" 50" x 72"
Oil on Canvas - Artist's Collection

An opportunity to live, paint and gather reference material in NYC in the late 1980s and early 1990s was the basis for a great many of his urban works.

John Lane Meats

"John Lane" 31 1/2 " x 42 1/2 " - Oil on Canvas
Private Collection - Completed in 1987.

Then a move to southern California for a couple of years where most of the urban work began to give way to his interest in the use of automotive subjects as still life.

Left: "Wall Street/Trinity Church" 47" x 35" Oil on Panel
Right: "72 St. at Amsterdam" 56.75" x 72" Oil on Canvas
Both in Private Collections.


Left: "Piccadilly Circus" 36" x 48" - Oil on Canvas
Right: "Helene's Florist" 41 1/2" x 43 3/4" - Oil on Canvas
Both of these are in Private Collections. Piccadilly was created c. 1987.
Helene's, a tribute to Richard Estes, was created in 1999.

D Train

"D Train West 8th Brooklyn" 49" x 72" - Oil on Canvas
Corporate Collection - Completed in 1989.


"Rocks In Your Head" 54" x 72" - Oil on Canvas
Corporate Collection - c. 1996

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